Classes & Schedules

Young children need confidence in their environment and security in their relationships in order to grow and learn well. Confidence and security come from living in a world with some degree of order and predictability as well as with flexibility and freedom to experiment, explore, and cope with new and unfamiliar situations.

The preschool provides a dependable sequence of daily events and a comfortable orderliness in the arrangement of materials and equipment which build confidence in a young child. Although the preschool always appears very informal, the programs and environment are the result of careful and detailed planning in accordance with the best available knowledge of child growth and development.

Our classes and their schedules have been determined with the best interest of the children in mind. The class hours are age appropriate and held on consecutive days in order to maintain a consistency for the children throughout the week.

Three-year-old Class:

Monday-Tuesday (9:00am-Noon)
Monthly tuition $325
Sample Schedule

Four/Five-year-old Class:

Wednesday-Friday (8:30am-1:00pm)
Monthly tuition $575
Sample Schedule